Lalala, some pretty sounding UTAU's I found and love!

So, I fixed some stuff on here, like the downloads section and stuff.....when I feel like being creative, I'll let you know (-_____-)

Anyway, I found two UTAUloids I though sound delicious! The first is Jimine Otose! Allot of Oversea utau users are saying her voice is "Generic Woman voice", but I think their jealous! Her voice is very original, and very pretty for soft songs, like Hahenko, but has a robotic edge to it. I want her and Hahenko to duet! :D

From the same author as Jimine, HARU, comes a very smooth sounding male UTAU named Yamamoto....I think....I translated it myself so I dunno....Anyway, he sounds awesome, but I don't really know where to get his voicebank! >.< Oh well, here he is~

For those who don't know, you need an account to view video's on Nicovideo

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