Taisei ACT2 Preview!

Yup, here's Taisei's ACT2 Preview, as I said his next video would be~

Sounds great to me! Well, I would type more and stuff, but my anxiety is acting up again, so I can't think to say much~
Also, Hahenko was included in another of Moumosa's chorus! She forgot to put her in the tag, so that's why you many not see her if searched~

Very soon, ACT2 will be released! @_@ I can't wait! but work still must be done! Japanese is now 100% done on both! English is 100% done on both also (but I might add more before this is over~)! The only thing left to do is the German recording. I compiled a possible list for German phonemes, but it's not very complex and pretty basic, so don't be expecting some awesome sounding German there.
I'll try to either upload their VB first, or a German preview next! Sayanara~

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