ACT2 Finally released!!!!

Finally, after all this time! ACT2 is finally released! ;;;AA;;;;;
For now, only ACT2 ~Light~ has been released, because I want the full ACT2 to be released with ACT2 English and German phonemes. The only thing keeping me from releasing the full version is Hahenko's German is missing a few phonemes. Soon, my peoples, soooon~~~

ACT2 ~Light~ Includes all the basic Japanese phonemes, with a few extra ("va, fu, tu"). The full version will have pitch shifts (the up and down arrows you see in some voice banks). English phonemes are VERY usable now, and even more understandable! I should be releasing a preview soon. I was working on an English triphone list that worked very well! I got about 30% done with it, but then I saw Sango312 (Neko Kanochi's creator) was making one, so I figured it would end up being more mainstream than my list, so I'll just wait for hers.

German is pretty rough sounding right now, especial since I can't get the sounds right it seems. I think I'll ask Yoru to help me with compiling a list later, since he was going to create German triphones at one point.

Another drawback is that this morning my computer wouldn't start up. It really sucks, since I had just gotten Taisei and Hahenko's FULL triphones recorded and 50% configured. I'm pretty sure I can recover the information from my laptop, but it will take a LONG time, probably. Anyway, hopefully I can get everything fixed soon~

During the meantime, I'll be either reconstructing this blog, or setting up a new site on zazzle. I want to make a whole download section for voicebanks and the such, with scroll over text that displays in Japanese, for Japanese users who are looking to download things.

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