Aight! So I need to post allot of stuff soon! I got allot of songs done with no art! -_-
I might ask some friends on deviantART to help with a couple pieces, and I might even ask my cousin to do one (even if his style is realistic and not anime)

In my next blog post, there should be at least 2-3 songs uploaded, artworks, and maybe some completed ust's~

Also, I need some other UTAUloid creators to follow me o.o

Oh yah, I'm doing a revamp of both my UTAUloids vb, cuz Taisei sounded too bored, and Hahenko....something was bothering me about the way she sounded. So, the next update will be to 1.5 and have updated english, more and fixed Japanese, and sound ALLOT better. Everytime I try to make Hahenko's new voice sound better, though, she ends-up sounding like Ritsu D8
Ah, well....try try again!

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