Technical updates and name changes?

Well, my laptop is fixed (I think) and without reformatting too! Woot!
I can now continue to make songs~

Info on the name situation: I know Hahenko and Taisei is still going to be their first names, but their surnames will probably be changed. Apparently, Kenboushou is negative in Japan, and Ippan is very underused and really not used for what I intended.

Song UST's!:
Yes, I'm currently working on quite a few ust's. Here's a list and a % of completion-
Psychopath-Megurine Luka 30% (produced a chaotic midi. I'm cleaning it up right now. First part of UST is produced)
.envy- Megurine Luka 10% (produced chaotic midi. Currently cleaning)
For a Dead Girl- Megurine Luka 5% (chaotic midi)
Catchball- Potemayo 70% (need to spruce-up UST)
Irodori No Nai Sekai- Yousei Teikoku 20% (chaotic midi. Cleaning)
You Spin Me Right Round Round- Dead or Alive 60% (UST spruce-up UST)
ETERNAL BLAZE- Nana Mizuki 50% (UST in production)
My Will- Inuyasha 50% (vocals captured. UST in production)
No Logic- Megurine Luka 10% (produced chaotic midi)
Stardust Utopia- Megurine Luka 90% (Needs to correct lyrics. I know theirs already a UST for it, but it's not to be widely distributed, so I'm making my own :D )
Bird of Paradise- Kagamine Rin 5% (made chaotic midi. Haven't worked on it though)
Scarlet Moon- Megurine Luka MEIKO 5% (produced chaotic midi)

I know that's a LONG list, but hopefully I'll have them all done sometime!
Oh yah, and I'm starting to record some triphonetics! Wow, lots to do! Well, off to the old grind!

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